About "The Year In Space"
Written by Steve Cariddi   

I've been publishing the Desk Calendar annually since 1994.  Back then it was called the Astronomy & Space Weekly Calendar, but in 1999 I changed the name to The Year In Space. The large-format Wall Calendar made its debut in 2012.

Starry Messenger Press is a very small business. In fact, it's just me. Advances in computers, the internet, and the publishing industry have made it possible for me to create a high-quality calendar that is on a par with those published by much larger publishing houses.  Because I keep the overhead low (and I mean low - I have an office in my basement!), I can afford to continue offering The Year In Space at a very low price compared to similar products. 

I write and/or edit the captions, select and optimize the images, collect the space facts and sky information, and do all the editing and layout work myself.  Planetary Society staff members graciously provide some of the articles in the front of the desk calendar, where noted.  When you place an order, I'm the one who processes your credit card charge, updates your record in my database, and generates the mailing label for your package. During the busy fall shipping season I do hire someone to actually pack the orders up and get them in the mail, but this is a luxury I've only enjoyed for the past several years or so. I also have some good friends whom I hire to proofread the calendar before it is printed.

I'm also responsible for this new website and Facebook page.  I hope that The Year In Space will reach an even wider audience now.

I'm very fortunate to be able to earn a living by sharing my passion for astronomy and space exploration. I hope you enjoy this site and these calendars as much as I enjoy bringing them to you.

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