Customer Comments

A sampling of comments about The Year In Space sent in by customers over the past year. If you'd like to share your thoughts about the calendar or this website, please send me an email - I'd love to hear from you!


This is the best desk calendar anywhere - perfect size, most informative, and best of all, keeps the dream alive!
-- Lee P., Tucson, AZ

Incredible pictures and fascinating information.
-- Stewart S., Marietta, GA

Keep up the work on the quality and diversity of pictures.
-- Paul G., Seabrook, TX

Great calendar for any space junkie, for which I qualify.  Great pictures and information.  The layout also meets my needs perfectly.
-- Edwin L., El Segundo, CA

I love this calendar!  I have it on my desk and look at every entry for every day... Just beautiful.  Keep up the good work.
-- Robert A., Poughquag, NY

I have always loved receiving your calendars! My whole family loves them. Thank you!
-- Valerie C., Santa Clarita, CA

I love each new year's pictures, and flat calendar layout - plenty of room to write in for each day of the month.
-- Joellen S., Saratoga, CA

I love the photos in this calendar. I can use them in the classroom or lab to inspire students. Not only are they a source of information, but they are also a source of hope for the future of the human race, and an indication of what we can achieve when we put our minds to it.
-- Susan P., Melbourne, Australia

Thank you AGAIN for providing a truly wonderful calendar that my husband and his brother look forward to each year.  It is absolutely stunning.
-- Celeste V., Cayucos, CA

Simply put, we love the calendars, so much useful information, and fantastic pictures!
-- Lydia P., Franklin, MA

I love the pics in the calendars, and also the info on watching the moon and the meteor showers.  I always check to see what is coming up.  ;-)
-- Christine B., Duncannon, PA

Use it as a daily calendar / love the photos / am an educator - kids love the photos.
-- William B., Arvada, CO

We love the calendar , and it makes perfect Christmas gifts
-- William M., Verona, PA

Love using. Handy size. Also serves as weekly 'tickler file' -- event tickets and such filed there to show up when needed. Beautiful pictures. Interesting stories and factoids.
-- Robert K., Reston, VA

Thanks for always having a wonderful calendar. I keep it open right on my computer desk, and my life lives in it! I look every morning to see what I am doing, and I keep every year's calendar in a file cabinet, so that I can review what I did.  I use it more than anything else I have ever bought. This year I am going to make my husband use his own, since his brain has started to shrivel, also.
-- Shirley S., Columbus, OH

I love your calendars!!!
-- Alison D., Portland, OR

Fantastic information, and photographs of my favourite subject, astronomy.
-- James S., Kingstone, GREAT BRITAIN

If I could, I would put this calendar on automatic reorder.  I will buy it every year for a lifetime.  I read it, use it and love it. Thanks for such a great product.
-- Rebecca P., Steubenville, OH

Steve, thanks a million for being so prompt in your reply. I use the "Year in Space" book daily, and I am looking forward to getting my new book. I often look at my used books to find out information on something I entered in the book. I use it as a sort of diary and a list of upcoming appointments. Besides that it looks cool on my desk. LOL. Thanks again, Steve
-- Paul P., Fair Oaks, CA

I have kept every one since I started ordering them from you. They make excellent Christmas or New Years gifts.
-- Robert W., Franklin, MI

This is the best calendar/agenda one can get. Please, keep going! And thanks...
-- Roberto V., Chula Vista, CA

Great photos and information and the right size!
-- Ralph D., Littleton, CO

Love your calendar. The pictures are great. Love the daily bits of information.
-- Garold B., Covington, KY

Great product. Look forward to it every year!
-- Joseph P., Wildwood, MO

I have used this calendar for years and could not do without it!!!
-- Ruth W., Roswell, GA

I choose your calendar because of the nice pictures & all the information daily on space.
-- Samuel J., Parkside, PA

I love the pictures each year along with the little story that tells you about it.
-- Cindy S., Highlands Ranch, CO

I really enjoy both the utility of the calendar and the quality and quantity of space technology and astronomy based photographs.
-- Mark W., Houston, TX

Keep these great calendars coming! I love them.
-- Enoch D.., Los Angeles, CA

I have been giving these out as gifts to my closest astro friends!
-- Juan M., Benbrook, TX

I just love these beautiful calendars, and they make wonderful gifts.  Thanks...
-- Marlene H., Springfield, OR

Absolutely the best desk calendar ... every year!
-- Daniel K., Columbus, NE

It is a dream and inspiration every week.
-- Carroll J., San Francisco, CA

I have enjoyed The Year In Space desk calendar for several years now... I always use your calendar as my principal diary for appointments, events and reminders, both at work and at home, as there is always a beautiful image and interesting notes to study each week. I hope that you will continue to produce this fine product.
-- Mick R., Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

It makes a great Christmas gift for my co-workers at the office.
-- Steven A., Fort Worth, TX

I always enjoy the photos and the captions while I'm stuck in meetings. Keep up the good work.
-- Michael D., Smyrna, GA

I have found the calendar to be quite useful.
-- James M., Belmont, MI

These calendars are wonderful.  The pics are great and the information is really good.
-- Mary D., Titusville, FL

Love the calendar!  The photos are spectacular, the tidbits of information on each day are interesting, the amount of space for entering information is adequate.  Thank you ;-))
-- Alzira L., Manassas, VA

I have been buying the Calendar for myself and my two brothers (both avid amateur astronomers) for years as a way to keep up the interest and the connection. Thank you!
-- Andrew K., Whittier, CA

Many thanks. As usual, don't know how I'd get along without the 'Year In Space' desk planner!!  : - )
-- Dana P., Petaluma, CA

I decided to buy the calendar again this year because I give one to each of my three children for Christmas every year.  And I use one myself.
-- David T., Nothfield, MN

Had I known about this calendar previously, I would have had previous copies!
-- Richard E., Colorado Springs, CO

I buy it every year - terrific photos and interesting Astronomy photos. I am getting one for a friend at work too.
-- Michael L., Gymea, Australia

This is a gift for my husband, who orders every year. Uses it to ask the kids space questions on the way to school!
-- Joanne  W., South Bend, IN

Thank you so much for producing such a perfect day planner / calendar! I am so glad and thankful to have found one so beautiful, practical, and reasonable! You guys are Great - keep up the good work and have a beautiful day!
-- Maria D., Taos, NM

This is a fantastic calendar - great imagery and a perfect size for managing our home's multiple schedules!
-- Hunter P., Placentia, CA

I always look forward to my Year In Space calendar, as well as being able to give it to my family and friends as a gift.  Keep us the great work!
-- Leo F., Sugarland, TX

When my son worked for NASA he requested the calendar for Christmas.  I loved it and have been getting it for myself and both sons ever since.
-- Gail M., Dallas, GA

Beautiful pictures...interesting facts...all make a good calendar!
-- Dennis R., Irving, TX

I have ordered the calendar every year since 2001 and love each one.  The pictures are outstanding and I have kept each one.  Thanks for creating such a great product.
-- Robert W., Franklin, MI

I love the space pictures and info on astronomical events.
-- Michi H., Wichita, KS

I really like the format and the photos are outstanding.
-- John K., Parma, OH

I love this calendar.  It makes great gifts for my father, my son, my son-in-law, and my brother-in-law!
-- Paul B., Derby, KS

Great job, as usual.  An indispensable resource for day to day space history.
-- Mark M., Gray, TN

I gave it to my husband last year and he kindly requested I get him another one for this year. He really enjoys the photos on a daily basis.
-- Libby V, Woodside, CA

I buy these calendars because I am able to record information on each date such as weather conditions or rainfall, birthdays and special events.  The most important fact is that these calendars contain some fantastic pictures of our universe and our exploration of it.  They make great Christmas gifts also. Thanks for the many years of photos that have been shared.
-- James E., Rose Hill, KS

It's a great calendar - I love the info and pics.
-- Glen R., Bridgeton., NJ

I Love your calendar.....keep up the good work.
-- Kaleen M., Titusville, FL

It's not just a Calendar - it's a beautiful, informative, "picture book" adventure.
-- Lydia C., Poway, CA

I love this calendar
-- Alice H., Bethel, CT

I buy these for co-workers and family for Christmas presents. They love it.

-- Diane C., CA

Just thought today that I need to find a calendar for next year.  This one has the great pics and is the right size for the desk. Thanks!

-- Ken F., Denver, CO

I use the calendar when scheduling outreach events for the Riverside Astronomical Society
-- Alfred F., Bloomington, CA

My husband belongs to a club and just loves this calendar.  I have been buying it for him for Christmas for many years.
-- Margaret O., Baldwin, CT

It's beautiful.
-- Gloria H., Deptford, NJ

They are gorgeous!

-- Judy A., Scotts Valley,   CA

I enjoy the calendar very much.
-- Alvin W., Poway, CA

A friend gave me a calendar about 4 years ago and I've ordered my own ever since.
-- Grace F., Centennial, CO

I have ordered this excellent calendar ever since it was first produced and use it regularly as a desk diary.
-- Ron M., Cocoa, FL

This is a great Christmas gift for my NASA-minded son.  He loved it last year, so I'll give him one again this year.
-- Marquita R., Spring Arbor, MI

I give this calendar every year as a Christmas present, and it's always a hit.
-- Brendan D., Brookline, NH

Your pictures are fantastic and the commentary is very informative. Very well done and excellent quality!
-- James P., Hammond, WI

My daughter loves space and uses your planners for school! Thanks.
-- Mark K., Grand Rapids, MI

I have used these diaries for years and I love them!
-- Gyan H., Woodland Hills, CA

Thanks!  This calendar is very useful to me.
-- Paul K., Wisconsin Rapids, WI

This has become an annual birthday gift to my son.
-- Diane C., Vero Beach, FL

I am finding this year's calendar to be full of interesting information and colorful photographs.  Also there is sufficient space for calendar notes.
-- Thomas B., Cincinnati, OH

The photos are beautiful as well as educational.  This desktop calendar serves as an enlightening reminder of what's out there, out place in space, our current knowledge of the cosmos, and where the frontiers of our knowledge may stretch in the foreseeable future.  The calendar presents a commendable synopsis of recent science history and multi-faceted developments that have sprung as a result.  Kudos to the development team that has produced this calendar at an affordable price to the consumer!
-- John T., Burnsville, MN

Love the pics and info, as well as the big space for making notes for each day.  Also like various forms of calendars at the back.

-- Janice V., Waleska, GA

We give these calendars as Christmas gifts each year.  The recipients all request they not be forgotten the following year!!!  We also keep one for ourselves.  They are beautiful, informative as well as keepsakes.
-- Linda C., Mission Viejo, CA

Love the photos, the info, the history and the commemoration of events and people.
-- Elizabeth K, Oxford, CT

My son can't live without it!
-- Richard J., Saint Ann, MO

I have been purchasing your calendar for years for myself, one of my sons and a long time friend. We all enjoy the photos and the reminders of mankind's space exploration.  Thank you very much!!!
-- Micky S., Fort Myers, FL

These calendars are GREAT!
-- Melissa C., Littleton, CO

The last two calendars I bought were so spectacular I had to have this year's edition.
-- Barbara I., Cary, IL

This calendar is a winner every year. Even in this digital age, this calendar is an everyday inspiration!
-- Edna E., Hicksville, NY

I love the calendar!
-- Douglas F., Palo Alto, CA

This is the most gorgeous desk calendar.
-- Margo P., Salem, MA

This calendar is always a Christmas gift for my husband.
-- Marthe M., Alameda, CA

My husband absolutely LOVES this calendar. I have gotten this for him MULTIPLE Christmases.
-- Sue D., San Diego, CA

The phenomenal amount of information and photos that I got out of last year's calendar!
-- Jacque W., Covina, CA

This calendar has always been a big hit with the science and technology colleagues of mine.
-- David R., Annandale, NJ

Even though I use a PDA, I just love this calendar!
-- Barbara G., Sinking Spring, PA

Great photos, convenient size.
-- William W., Cortlandt Manor, NY

I like the design of the weekly pages, with SEVEN blocks. I NEVER buy calendars that squeeze Saturday and Sunday into one block. My weekends are just as busy as the weekdays... It has been so difficult to find a calendar that gives the same space for all seven days in the week.
-- Marilyn A., Bedford, IN

I LOVE the pictures of spacecraft hardware on orbit!
-- Rick F., Torrance, CA

I used my calendar daily - look forward to it every year!!  Thanks.
-- Bambi B., Martinez, CA