February 7, 2011 - Destiny Fulfilled

Destiny Fulfilled This unique off-axis view of the International Space Station reveals the extent of its growth in three dimensions after just two years in orbit. From front to back, the Destiny laboratory is followed by the Unity node, the Zarya module, and the Zvezda module. Solar panels extend left and right from Zarya and Zvezda. Rising above the Unity node is the base of the P6 solar array, whose accordian-like radiators are visible at the top of the image. The Destiny laboratory is twenty-eight feet long and has a pressurized volume of nearly 4,000 cubic feet. The laboratory’s interior is designed to accommodate a total of twenty-four racks of scientific or support equipment. The space shuttle Atlantis delivered Destiny to the ISS during the seven-day STS-98 mission, which began ten years ago this week.

Image credit: NASA

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February 7-13, 2011

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Moon phase Monday 7

Jupiter 7° south of Moon

1984: Bruce McCandless makes first untethered spacewalk during STS-41B
1999: Stardust comet probe launched
2001: STS-98 Atlantis launched
2008: STS-122 Atlantis launched

Moon phase Tuesday 8

1828: Jules Verne born
1974: 84-day Skylab 4 mission ends, last crew to occupy Skylab
2010: STS-130 Endeavour launched

Moon phase Wednesday 9

1971: Apollo 14 returns from Moon; last post-mission quarantine


Moon phase Thursday 10

1990: Galileo spacecraft passes by Venus on its way to Jupiter
1992: First Atlas II launch

Moon phase Friday 11

First Quarter Moon 2:18 AM ET

1970: First Japanese satellite launched
1984: STS-41B Challenger makes first shuttle landing at KSC
1997: STS-82 Discovery launched
2000: STS-99 Endeavour launched
2010: Solar Dynamics Observatory launched

Moon phase Saturday 12

1963: NASA selects contractor to build the Crawler Transporter
1974: Mars 5 enters orbit around Mars
2001: NEAR-Shoemaker lands on asteroid Eros

Moon phase Sunday 13

1852: Johan Dreyer born
1937Sigmund Jähn born, first German to fly in space

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