October 3, 2011 - Special Delivery

Special Delivery The H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) is seen here approaching the International Space Station in September, 2009, just prior to being grappled by the ISS’s Canadarm2 and pulled to a berthing port on the station’s Harmony module. The HTV, built by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, is the latest in a series of remotely-piloted cargo and resupply spacecraft to regularly service the ISS; however, unlike the more complex Russian Progress or European Automated Transfer Vehicle, the HTV does not have an automated system for docking with the ISS, but simply maneuvers close enough to be grabbed by the ISS robot arm, which executes the final docking itself. The HTV can carry six tons of supplies to the ISS and stay docked for a month, after which it undocks and burns up in the atmosphere.

Image credit: NASA

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October 3-9, 2011

Holidays - Sky Events - Space History

Moon phase Monday 3

First Quarter Moon 11:15 PM ET
Venus 3° north of Spica

1935: Charlie Duke born
1942: First V2 rocket launched
1962: Mercury Sigma 7 launched
1967: X-15A-2 flies at mach 6.7
1985: STS-51J Atlantis launched

Moon phase Tuesday 4

World Space Week begins

1957: Sputnik 1 launched
: Luna 3 launched
2004: SpaceShipOne wins X Prize

Moon phase Wednesday 5

1882: Robert Goddard born
1923: Edwin Hubble finds Cepheid variable stars in galaxy M-31
1962: European Southern Observatory founded
1984: STS-41G Challenger launched

Moon phase Thursday 6

1990: STS-41 Discovery launched
1992: NASA and RASA sign Human Spaceflight Agreement to share astronauts and cosmonauts
2008: MESSENGER spacecraft makes its second flyby of Mercury

Moon phase Friday 7

Neptune 6° south of Moon

1885: Niels Bohr born
1959: Luna 3 returns first images of the lunar far side
2002: STS-112 Atlantis launched
2010: Soyuz TMA-01M launched carrying ISS Expedition 25/26 crew

Moon phase Saturday 8

1873: Ejnar Hertzsprung born

Moon phase Sunday 9

1604: Kepler’s Supernova observed
2009: LCROSS detects water on the Moon

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