April 2, 2012 - A Matter of Truss

A Matter of Truss One of the many milestones in the construction of the International Space Station was the delivery of the S0 truss segment, the backbone of the station’s 11-segment Integrated Truss Structure, which took seven years to complete. Now longer than a football field, the ITS provides pivotal attachment points for the station’s solar arrays, thermal control radiators, and external payloads. The S0 truss segment arrived at the station during the STS-110 mission, which was launched ten years ago this week. In this image, astronaut Lee Morin, STS-110 mission specialist, is anchored to the mobile foot restraint at the end of the ISS’s Canadarm2 robot arm during the second scheduled session of extravehicular activity. Atlantis and its crew of seven remained docked at the ISS for seven days.

Image credit: NASA

Weekly Calendar

April 2-8, 2012

Holidays - Sky Events - Space History

Moon phase Monday 2

1845: First photograph of Sun taken
2010: Soyuz TMA-18 launched carrying ISS Expedition 23 crew

Moon phase Tuesday 3

Mercury appears stationary
Mars 9° north of Moon

1966: Luna 10 becomes first spacecraft to orbit the Moon
1973: Salyut 2 space station launched

Moon phase Wednesday 4

1930: American Rocket Society founded
1968: Apollo 6 launched
1983: STS-6 Challenger launched
1997: STS-83 Columbia launched
2000: First commercial mission to Mir
2011: Soyuz TMA-21 launched carrying ISS Expedition 27/28 crew

Moon phase Thursday 5

1973: Pioneer 11 launched
1975: Soyuz 18-1, first in-flight abort
1990: Pegsat launched
1991: STS-37 Atlantis launched
2010: STS-131 Discovery launched

Friday 6

Passover begins at sunset
Good Friday

Full Moon 3:19 PM ET

1965: Early Bird (Intelsat 1) launched
1984: STS-41C Challenger launched

Saturday 7

Saturn 6° north of Moon
Moon at perigee

1991: Compton Gamma Ray Observatory deployed
2001: Mars Odyssey Orbiter launched
2007: ISS Expedition 15 crew launched

Moon phase Sunday 8

Easter Sunday

1964: Gemini I launched
1966: OAO-1 launched
1993: STS-56 Discovery launched
2002: STS-110 Atlantis launched
2008: ISS Expedition 17 crew launched

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