September 17, 2012 - Meet George Jetson

Meet George Jetson Can it really be fifty years this week since we were first introduced to that futuristic fumbler, George Jetson? The new fall television lineup for 1962 included the cartoon chronicles of the Jetson family: George and his wife, Jane; their children, Judy and Elroy; Astro the dog; and their robot housemaid, Rosie. When he wasn’t stuck running on his new-fangled treadmill, George was gainfully employed at Spacely Space Sprockets, a huge manufacturing concern that produced the vital though vague components essential for a healthy cartoon space economy of the future. Many of the technological advances enjoyed by the Jetsons have become realities, including video conferencing, automatic vacuum cleaners, flat panel displays, and robot helpers like NASA’s Robonaut 2, seen here.

Image credit: NASA / JSC / Robert Markowitz

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September 17-23, 2012

Holidays - Sky Events - Space History

Moon phase Monday 17

Pluto appears stationary

1789: William Herschel discovers Mimas
1857: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky born
1930: Ed Mitchell born
1959: First powered flight of X-15
1976: First rollout of space shuttle Enterprise

Moon phase Tuesday 18

Spica 0.8° north of Moon
Saturn 5° north of Moon
Moon at perigee

1964: Saturn SA-7 launched
1977: Voyager 1 takes photo of Earth and Moon together in space
2006: Anousheh Ansari becomes first woman space tourist

Moon phase Wednesday 19

Mars 0.2° north of Moon

Moon phase Thursday 20

1945: Wernher von Braun arrives in United States
1966: Surveyor 2 launched
1970: Luna 16 lands on Moon
1979: HEAO-3 launched
1988: Israel launches its first satellite

Moon phase Friday 21

1866: H. G. Wells born
: Gustav Holst born
1974: Mariner 10 flies by Mercury for second time
2003: Galileo mission ends

Moon phase Saturday 22

Fall Equinox 10:49 AM ET
First Quarter Moon 3:41 PM ET

1990: Pioneer 10 reaches 50 AU from Sun
2006: Hinode spacecraft launched

Moon phase Sunday 23

Pluto 0.4° north of Moon

1783: Caroline Herschel discovers NGC 253
1846: J. G. Galle discovers Neptune
1962: “The Jetsons” premieres
1977: Third glide test of space shuttle Enterprise

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