The NEW Year In Space Wall Calendar is stunning, educational, and unlike any calendar you've ever seen!

The Year In Space Wall Calendar was named "Science Geek Gift of the Year" by MSNBC's Cosmic Log website

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The Year In Space Wall Calendar is larger, more lavishly illustrated, and packed with more information than any other space-themed wall calendar ever created. It's a huge 16" x 22" when hanging up!

Published in cooperation with The Planetary Society, the Year In Space takes you on a year-long guided tour of the Universe.

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What makes The Year In Space Wall Calendar unique?

The Year In Space Typical Calendar
11" x 16" (22% larger)
12" x 12"
Images per month
7 or more 1
Moon phases
Every day
Space History
Hundreds of dates A few events
Yes No
Look and Feel
Images jump off of page
Monthly Sky Summary
Planet visibility None
Sky events
Over 100
Money-back guarantee

Each month you'll see:

  • An in-depth exploration of human space flight, planetary exploration, or deep sky wonders
  • Multiple images and detailed captions
  • A mini-biography of famous astronomer, scientist, or astronaut related to the topic
  • Background info and fun facts
  • A sky summary of where to find naked-eye planets
  • Space history dates
  • Major holidays (U.S. and Canada)
  • Daily Moon phases graphically displayed
  • Room for notes and appointments


Click here for Hi-Res PDF

Click here for Hi-Res PDF