April 16, 2012 - Rover Rides Again

Rover Rides Again Apollo 16, the fifth mission to land astronauts on the Moon, and the second to feature a lunar rover, was launched forty years ago this week. After a four-day journey, astronauts John Young and Charlie Duke landed the lunar module Orion on the Moon, while crewmate Ken Mattingly remained in lunar orbit in the command module Casper. During their seventy-one hours on the Moon, Young and Duke spent over twenty hours outside Orion, and traveled about twenty-seven kilometers (seventeen miles) in the lunar rover. Duke is seen here at Station no. 4, near Stone Mountain, during the second Apollo 16 extravehicular activity at the Descartes landing site. The gnomon, a photographic reference tool to establish local vertical Sun angle, scale, and lunar color, is visible in the foreground.

Image Credit: NASA

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April 16-22, 2012

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Monday 16

Neptune 6° south of Moon
Venus 10° north of Aldebaran

1867: Wilbur Wright born
: First captured V2 rocket launched from White Sands, NM
1965: First test-firing of Saturn V rocket first stage (S-IC)
1972: Apollo 16 launched

Tuesday 17

1967: Surveyor 3 launched
1969: First X-24A lifting body glide test
1970: Apollo 13 crew returns to Earth
1998: STS-90 Columbia launched

Wednesday 18

Mercury at greatest elongation (27° W)
Mercury 8° south of Moon

Thursday 19

Uranus 6° south of Moon

1967: Surveyor 3 lands on Moon
1971: Salyut 1 launched, first space station.
1982: Salyut 7 launched
1993: 200th Soviet / Russian spacewalk
2001: STS-100 Endeavour launched

Friday 20

1972: Apollo 16 lands on Moon

Saturday 21

Lyrid meteor shower
New Moon 3:18 AM ET
Mercury 2° south of Uranus

1997: Cremated remains of 24 people launched into orbit aboard Pegasus rocket in first space funeral

Sunday 22

Lyrid meteor shower
Moon at apogee
Jupiter 2° south of Moon

2010: X-37B spacecraft launched

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